• Magic Lecture | BMagic Live Cláudia Guedes

Magic Lecture | BMagic Live Cláudia Guedes

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In addition to being one of the few female illusionists in Brazil, Cláudia Guedes is also the only one who acts professionally with close-up magic.

In this conference Cláudia Guedes will address very important fundamentals for the magicians. For example body language.

If you knew what was going on in your viewer, would not it be easier to deal with?

It is not always easy to extract the best from people during a stage or close-up presentation, or even at a business meeting. Empathizing and making a good impression is critical.

Cláudia Guedes will share her experience of many years using various techniques, be it in the close up, on the stage, in other situations of work and even in the day to day. Learn to interpret the signals that the public gives you and recognize these signs.

At the conference you will see some magic effects, which will be presented with the purpose of exemplifying and emphasizing the theme, magic with deck, rope and others.

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