• Magic Lecture | BMagic Live Luiz Fosc

Magic Lecture | BMagic Live Luiz Fosc

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Luiz Fosc, award winning magician at FLASOMA 2017, is now at BMagic Live presenting its effects and creations!

In this conference, fruit of 10 years of study, Luiz Fosc brings the parallel between the concepts of cinema and the psychology of Magical Art.

In it, will be approached themes ranging from the history of cinema (and its relation to magic) to technical concepts such as editing and editing a movie, the importance of verisimilitude, good use of lane and reward, intrigue of predestination, etc. . Within the aspects of script and direction for a good Storytelling, the theme "Surprise x Suspense" (according to Alfred Hitchcook's theory) will be discussed and how to make the best use of these elements and how they can be adapted to a number of magic.

The parallel "Magic and cinema" is done in a practical way, in unpublished and repaginated numbers. The numbers addressed at the conference are, for the most part, numbers. Even existing ones contain a new "dressing." In all, there will be 10 magic numbers, among them the national release of the "Spreadwave" deck, translated into Portuguese!

Do not miss it! You will be amazed!

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