• Magic Lecture | BMagic Live  Ismael Araújo - Hipnose

Magic Lecture | BMagic Live Ismael Araújo - Hipnose

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A professional magician for 25 years, Ismael de Araujo believes that for a commercial show to be efficient he must have easy effects to make so that the performer is free to interpret the effect, to exercise his charisma and his personal power over the audience, generating charm and selling each effect to its full potential.

Another important element for the professional magician who travels and needs to carry his material: the show must be impressive, without necessarily generating the need to carry large equipment. That is why during these years Ishmael researched hypnosis and word power as indispensable tools for a good commercial presentation of illusionism.

Do you want some positive and memorable comments about your show? Want to boost your charisma? Do you want to better elaborate the script for your presentation? In this differentiated conference, besides magic effects and hypnosis tested and approved by Ismael de Araujo in his live and television presentations, you will also learn many techniques and tricks about charisma, personal power, scenic posture and rapport, which is the way infallible way of connecting with your audience.

With this conference you make an adaptable show for any audience, entertainment or corporate, for 50 or 1,000 people. Learn that survival in the commercial market of magic and hypnosis is your ability to impress any audience, at any time, without the need to carry many resources!

Only in portuguese.

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