• Magic Lecture | BMagic Live Eric Chartiot

Magic Lecture | BMagic Live Eric Chartiot

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Eric Chartiot interprets his effects and stories in a charming way to touch the emotion of his audience, showing how the classic numbers can be presented differently. At the BMagic Live!  Eric addresses the following topics:

I - Let's think about it ...

"After all, why tell stories?" I am a magician!!

"I want to be a storyteller like you!"

- How and, mainly, why choose stories?

"Who comes first: story or magic?"

 II - Counting techniques applied to magicians - Internal elements

- No attention ... no good! How to gain attention and how to conserve it.

- Be a teller not a talker! Beware of too many words.

- Body counting techniques.

- The interior cinema. Why do we have to create images of what we tell? Why does not the magician usually create images?

- Take your audience to Paris ...

 III - Elements external to the accountant

What about the character? All magicians are equal !!!

Control the account space

The relation with the object. The particularity of the magician.

 NOTE: This tutorial does not teach magic effects.

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