• Magic Lecture | BMagic Live Maurício Dollenz

Magic Lecture | BMagic Live Maurício Dollenz

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Living in Brazil since 2013, Maurício Dollenz studied theater in Chile and was a pupil of the greatest Chilean magician of today, Mago Fernando Larrain, with whom he learned tricks, techniques, secrets and mysteries that permeate the world of magic.

He participated in numerous conferences and championships to later found the first School of Magic in Valencia, Spain in 2011.

You may have already seen him in a Brazilian television commercial, in Faustão or in some Brazilian show outside.

In this BMagic live Mauricio will present stand-up comedy effects, in addition to addressing important issues for magical art such as improvisation and the creative process.

You will learn effects such as: The letter inside the mouth, the ballot in the egg, flying chart and more.

You can not lose.

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