• Paul Harris Presents Deep Clear by Paul Harris

Paul Harris Presents Deep Clear by Paul Harris

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Paul Harris' Deep Clear is the culmination of Over 20 years of experience with his original Deep Astonishment concept. 

Deep Clear has a dramatic new gimmick and new structure. Everything about Deep Clear is faster... Easier... more convenient... and more open (your spectator can even shuffle her cards). 

Deep Clear is an authentic PH masterpiece exquisitely designed to be your transcendent last-gasp show-stopper. 

* The New skinny Deep Clear Wallet is a joy to use. 

* One touch and it's done. Easily fits in your shirt pocket. 

* Prediction cards have a DIFFERENT COLOR BACK than deck. 

* No force: use any short word with different letters. 

* No palming. Very easy to do. 

* No cue cards or memory work. 

* No secret writing. 

* Adapt to your favorite deck backs. 

* Draw your own prediction letters in any style or colors you'd like. 

* Works in ANY language! 

Comes complete with ready-to-use gimmicks and USPCC deck of cards. 


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